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A story of freshness



The Flower Practice  was founded in Oct 2017, with both of its co-founders being males. Males, being seen as masculine and clumsy was the total opposite of what being a florist meant. The Flower Practice sets out to break the stereotype of male masculinity, and at the same time, hopes to explore and break the boundaries of floristry, bringing to our customers new and fresh products, at affordable prices. 

The Flower Practice got its name from the idea of learning and practicing while doing hands-on floristry. As learning can never come to an end, we want to stay humble and remember our beginnings, hence the practice of our brand. 

The Flower Practice specializes in customization,  providing full one-stop floral services from wedding bouquets, to boutonnieres, car floral decoration, wedding arches. We catered to each and every customer uniquely, hope to create moments with you and for you.

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